Well, this is just depressing.

Kylie Jenner is on the cover of Forbes Magazine for their ‘America’s Women Billionaires’ story. The cosmetic queen – which made her $900 million so far — is projected to take over Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest ever ‘self-made billionaire’.

Here’s her story, from the lip maven herself :

I had Kylie Lip Kit trademarked like two years before it even launched and I was like bugging my mom about it. I see it, like, I need to do this.

She was like “Okay, put up your own money, like stop talking about the Lip Kit.” And then I didn’t even order a lot and I was like “Okay, if this doesn’t work out you’re gonna have, like, a lot of Lip Kits in your garage”.

I didn’t even make it to my launch party. I like refreshed the page and in two seconds everything was gone and like I just remember me and all my glam people, my friends, we were like screaming.

And then the Kylie Instagram used to be Kylie Lip Kit and then the day after I changed it to Kylie Cosmetics and I was like “This is like gonna be something, like, I can actually do, yeah.”