Trump wasn’t invited, nor was Sarah Palin, but Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked to speak at the McCain funeral – by the late Senator himself.

In his heartfelt eulogy, Biden shared personal stories about their time together in the Senate and also touched on the divisive politics of today.

Speaking in the present tense, Biden shared that McCain  “loves basic values — fairness, honesty, dignity, respect.”

The former vice president recalled that McCain spent his final day on the Senate floor trying to restore order between the warring politicians.
“What was he fighting to do?” Biden asked. “He was fighting to restore what you call ‘regular order.”

‘I always thought of John as a brother. We had had a hell of a lot of family fights,’ Biden noted wryly.

‘Whenever I was in trouble John was the first guy there. I hope I was there for him,’ he added.

As McCain would have appreciated, Biden also shared some funny stories about traveling with John McCain, mixing laughter with tears.