The days of going to the gym in a loose white t-shirt and comfy shorts are l-o-n-g gone. It’s not just a matter of looking better but the new high-tech fabrics do everything from wick sweat away, dry quickly, and new wear-on-their-own sports bras support ‘the girls’ during a rigorous workout.

We had a chance to put the new (to the US) Swedish brand Casall’s athletic wear to the test this weekend. (That’s one sure fire way to get us to the gym; a new outfit!)

Popular in Europe for over 30 years, the brand is certainly fashion-forward but more importantly, how does it perform?

The first thing we noticed was that the leggings are thin and silky and smooth; almost like a second skin. It doesn’t hurt that the stretchy Exhale tights ($106) held us in nicely. The stylish sports bra in small is tight, but what’s needed so we don’t bounce all over the place.

Our Casall outfit.

After a 45-minute circuit, we still felt dry though we were sweating heavily. After an hour we felt like our athletic gear was a partner in exercising. Through fit, feel and design, it made for a much better workout.

Oh yeah, we also discovered our Casall dries quickly, doesn’t smell and though we’ve only washed it twice, it retained its shape.

We’re might even go to the gym more often now.



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