Top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci said Monday that Christmas could be worse than Thanksgiving for COVID-19 spread.

‘I think it could be even more of a challenge than what we saw with Thanksgiving,’ he said. ‘This may be even more compounded because it’s a longer holiday.’ 

Fauci told New York Gov Andrew Cuomo during his daily press briefing this morning that without ‘substantial mitigation’ measures ‘the middle of January could be a really dark time’.

While waiting for the Thanksgiving surge, which Fauci referred to as a ‘surge upon a surge,’ if people continue to entertain indoors and see relatives the results could be fatal as ICUs reach a breaking point.


US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams pleaded with Americans to hold on just a ‘little bit longer’.

‘My colleagues are dog tired and we need you to hang on just a little bit longer because we’ve got vaccines coming, but we want as many people to be alive to get them as possible,’ he told ABC’s Good Morning America.

‘A lot of that is going to depend on your behavior.’