Wednesday the CDC warned all Americans to cancel holiday plans as hospitalizations reach a record 100,226 and hospitals buckle under the strain. As we saw with Thanksgiving — we’re waiting for that ‘surge upon a surge’ — even a few people traveling can bring it home and spread the deadly disease.

This comes as news of a leaked White House COVID task force revealed that the US is ‘a historic risk’ for COVID-19 transmission and all Americans are in danger.’

‘Any thinking person has to be worried. That we have so many hospitalizations speaks to the fact that we have done a very poor job of controlling this pandemic,’ said Philip Landrigan, director of a global public health program at Boston College.

‘It is spreading very rapidly, and in many places, it is basically spreading out of control.’

Biden also warned that another 250,000 people will die from COVID by January because ‘people aren’t paying attention.’