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‘Mark Zuckerberg’s manner has always reminded me of someone, but I could never quite grasp hold of it. Just now it hit me, watching him testify about data.’ Tweet by Matthew Teague.

Mark Zuckerberg underwent 5 hours of grilling from the House committee Tuesday and what did we learn?

Chiefly, that the Senators had NO idea how Facebook worked. It was like an infuriating case of tech support for Grandparents.

Zuckerberg answered questions about the Cambridge Data breach politely and with deference, wearing an ‘establishment’ suit to the hearing.

When asked about how Facebook failed to protect users’ privacy, and that they ‘allowed’ Russian interference in our elections, Zuckerberg said it was ‘one of his greatest regrets.’

By the end of the day, shares in Facebook posted their biggest daily gain in nearly two years closing up 4.5 percent. They were down 0.7 percent in early trading on Wednesday.

But the real winners are us as the ‘net gleefully puts up meme after meme. And WINNER of the best line of the day:

Senator Orrin Hatch asked how Facebook makes money while keeping its service free. Zuckerberg paused and replied with a smile, “Senator, we run ads.”



The real Mark Zuckerberg.


Real photo of the Zuckerberg hearing.



Mark Zuckerberg is now living out every young person’s worst nightmare: trying to explain how tech stuff works to the nation’s elderly