At a Trump rally in El Paso, Texas a BBC cameraman was attacked by a frenzied Trump supporter in a red MAGA hat.

The video shows the man cameraman being pushed by the man who was yelling ‘F**K the media! ‘ as another man tries to hold him back.

Washington correspondent Gary O’Donoghue, who is blind, said his cameraman Ron Skeans was filming the rally in El Paso when the ‘incredibly violent attack’ occurred.

‘Fortunately, our cameraman is fine, he is made of stern stuff,’ O’Donoghue said.

This isn’t an isolated attack at a Trump rally.

Reporting on the incident, the BBC’s Washington Editor Eleanor Montague was standing in the press gallery said: ‘The crowd had been whipped up into a frenzy against the media by Trump and other speakers all night.’

With a President who chants ‘Lock Them Up’ and claims the ‘media is the enemy’ it is a dangerous time to be a journalist.

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