Even his own party has told President Trump that he just might want to hold his daily press briefings ONCE a week since his rating always goes down after a briefing especially when the medical experts have to step in and correct all his mistakes.

Instead, Trump slammed the Republicans, namely  Sen. Lindsey Graham who lead the charge, calling him RINO – a ‘Republican In name Only.’

In retaliation, his last time at the podium lasted over two hours, resembling a re-election rally more than an actual informational briefing. And he Tweeted furiously:

  In a feeling shared by many Americans, Former Obama White House Communications Director Jen Psaki says the president has ‘politicized’ the forum.

“If Trump was really focused on how to best communicate to the country during a public health crisis, he would clearly step aside and let the health experts do the daily briefing. But his only focus is on rallying his troops and he is using this crisis to oversee a daily reality show often filled with dangerously inaccurate information.”

It is like watching a bad reality show, but sadly, there is so much at stake.