New emojis are coming folks, so you can communicate better without words.

There’s a guide dog, a wheelchair and interracial couples and — not to sound shallow — we’re excited about all the new food ones, such as a waffle and butter emoji. How did we live without the salt shaker before?

Presented by the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that makes the standards for text on the internet and rules over emojis, the expressive new images were unveiled this week.

We’re talking 59 new emojis, such as finally being able to portray an interracial couple, a hearing aid, sign language, and even prosthetic limbs. The drop of blood? Beats saying ‘time of the month,’ a visit from Aunt Flo,’ or our least favorite ‘On The Rag.’ It also makes menstruation part of mainstream conversation.

 Bagel lovers rejoice because the original sad bagel has been replaced by a’ real’ bagel, toasty and dripping with cream cheese.

We’ll all sleep better now.

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