“Trump chose Waco because it’s a powerful metaphor for his campaign: He’s going down in flames, and he’s taking his cult followers with him.”

That’s how late-night host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his show the other night. After the ex-president claimed that “tens of thousands” would turn out for his weekend rally in Waco, Texas, and said it could be his ‘biggest ever,’ photos show a different story.


“The number of tickets that are gone, I think it’s unprecedented, I think it’s the biggest we’ve had ― and we’ve had 100,000 people at rallies,” Trump boasted the day before.

Jimmy Kimmel:

“The venue in Waco holds 50,000 people, you can see from this aerial view that the crowd was about, I don’t know, 47,000 short of capacity,” he said. “More people show up to the annual sausage show down in Waco than showed up to this event.”



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