More than half of real estate buyers first look for available options on the Internet, and they primarily pay attention to both descriptions and pictures of houses and apartments. If potential buyers have read the description, viewed the photos, and were not impressed, they go to the next option. Therefore, the property listing should interest them in the first place. 

Whether a home is offered for sale by the owner (FSBO) or an agent, a good listing of the property is of paramount importance. Hence, there are some essential points to consider so that potential buyers could focus on your option. At the same time, composing a thought-out property description and listing can be easier than delegating a highly complicated task to an essay writer.




Take Perfect Photos

First of all, buyers are attracted by professionally made and high-quality pictures. If the image is blurry or does not provide a basic idea of the object, people leave it and move on to the next item. To take great photos, you only need a modern smartphone and a little time to choose the right angle. It is also worth noting that photographing objects at the natural light brings the best results.

Start to Create Listing

The first point to keep in mind at this stage is the description formatting. It helps buyers understand how attractive property is and what unique features it has. No more than 250 words should be written in this text, and the heading should be included in the total word count. This is due not only to restrictions to the ads posted on specialized websites but also because buyers are unlikely to read long descriptions all the way through.

It is crucial to create a short but concise and engaging description. You can browse other property descriptions and get an idea on how to create your listing. It may be worth writing two or three versions of the property description that focuses on the property benefits. Then, you can select the most appropriate variant. If necessary, you can also add or change the text later.



Any professional real estate agent who has been working in the area can inform you about what buyers are currently looking for. Listing has to be informative, but the emphasis should be put on the primary benefits, such as general condition, location, and increasing value in the long run. For example, professionals who work for an essay writing service know how to highlight winning aspects of the property, so you can address them anytime to get a stellar listing in a short time.

Be Accurate and Attentive to Details

While you are creating a description, do not embellish and sugarcoat the image of the house with unrealistic details. If buyers find out that your listing is not correct, you risk losing customers and wasting time. At the very beginning of the description, list a few advantages and distinctive features of a house, but do not exaggerate the built-up and land areas.

If the house is damaged, cracked, or flooded, do not mention in your listing that it is in excellent condition. After all, potential buyers will immediately notice this when examining and studying the technical documentation. 

Instead, it is recommended not to hide drawbacks but turn them into positive aspects or present ways to eliminate them. Besides, unnecessary information such as the number of beds and the number of stair steps should be omitted. If you ever dealt with a legit essay writing service, you might notice that abundant data only overloads the text.

Pick Up the Right Words

You can use a creative approach and attractively describe your property by presenting the negative features of the home in a positive light. That being said, you can add some imagination and humor to the description. For example, if a room is dark, write that it is possible to sleep longer in the morning since the bright light does not hit the eyes that much. Or if a patio is small, it implies low maintenance fees.

You also need to pay attention to what words you use. Too many epithets and adjectives can bring negative reactions from potential buyers. In your description body, list all the main characteristics of the home, such as location, total area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, improvements made, etc.

Use persuasive and creative language to highlight the details which make the house special. Your description should interest buyers up to the point when they wish to schedule a home inspection for the near future. Some words as “renovated” or “waterfront” should not be abbreviated because people might be looking for these particular terms in the text. Reputable online writing services also do not recommend mentioning citizenship, race, religion, gender, disability, or marital status of the target customers.

Include Unique Features and Special Offers

Particular details can play a decisive role when selling a house. Perhaps this is an excellent view from the windows, an old fireplace, or a pond nearby. Such points can help potential buyers single out this ad from other offers. Ultimately, this can lead to the prospect of scheduling a personal inspection of the house.



If you want to sell the property quickly, be sure to include a special promotion to your description. For example, it can be a one-year warranty for the kitchen equipment, assistance in getting a loan, or the recommendation of a reliable company for landscaping.

Usually, a call to action is included in the final line of the description. In this way, you inform potential buyers that, for example, the offer is very profitable, and they need to hurry up with making a decision.

Use Competent Language

Edit your description for grammatical errors. Otherwise, readers may assume that a carelessly written text may indicate an unfair business approach. After writing your listing, check and make sure you use punctuation marks correctly. You do not have to end every sentence with an exclamation mark. Also, any online essay service can advise you to avoid long and wordy sentences.


Selling real estate is a laborious process. Writing a good property description is just one of the many tasks a seller needs to complete for finding a buyer. Try to understand more deeply the clients’ aspirations, preferences, and opportunities. In this way, potential buyers will surely appreciate your effort in creating a consistent and understandable property listing.