Under Dutch law, police cannot enter a church will a service is taking place so hundreds of pastors and volunteers from across the country have taken the pulpit to prevent an Armenian family from being deported.

Theo Hettema, chairman of the General Council of Protestant Ministers in the Netherlands, told CNN the service will continue “as long as it’s necessary.”
Reverend Joost Roselaers, who’s one of the pastors taking part in leading the service, says taking care of refugees ‘is a very clear part of his Christian faith.’
Meanwhile, the Tamrazyan family, which includes three children, fled Armenia and have been living in the Netherlands since April 2010 while their claim for political asylum was being decided, but now they’ve been told to leave the country. The oldest child 21 year-old Hayarpi Tamrazyan, says she is “incredibly happy and grateful to all volunteers” and is updating supporters on Twitter.
So far, 450 different pastors, deacons, priests from every denomination are taking part in the nonstop marathon service.


  “How long it will take? Well, only God knows. Let’s hope before Christmas,”  said Reverend Joost Roselaers. “It would be a very nice time for the Government to change its mind. But we will go on and on until it’s clear that this family can stay.”
Let’s all hope for a holiday miracle.