Actress and now politician Cynthia Nixon’s video ‘Be A Lady They Said’ is trending …and for good reason.

In the empowering video, Nixon recites all the contradictory messages women receive growing up, in a montage of fantastical images.

From the original essay by Camille Rainville called ‘Be a Lady They Said’ from 2017, the video was produced for Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine.

‘Your skirt is too short. Your shirt is too low. Don’t show so much skin. Cover up. Leave something to the imagination. Don’t be a temptress. Men can’t control themselves. Men have needs.

‘Look sexy. Look hot. Don’t be so provocative. You’re asking for it. Wear black. Wear heels. You’re too dressed up. You’re too dressed down. You look like you’ve let yourself go.

Suitable for EVERYONE.

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