Happy ‘EW YEAR! Yep, that’s been the vibe so far re: 2020!
If lockdown measures have amplified stress and anxiety levels: you’re not alone.
If opening up measures have amplified stress and anxiety levels: you’re not alone.
Short of self-medicating with the trusty vino come an evening (*guilty*), enlisting other remedies to help with the angst that can dominate day-to-day living at present is a resolution many are seeking.
CBD isn’t anything new. But the introduction of it might be new to many right now, as we seek ways to calm the stress of our everyday living during a pandemic.
‘CBD’: an overwhelming and often unregulated market poses the question: where does a CBD novice start?
I started with ALTWELL, and they proved to be just the tonic.
One gummy per day has made a noticeable difference, it sort of ’rounded out the edges’ while not interfering with my ability to concentrate on various tasks at hand. Big thumbs up.
They also make ones for ‘restful sleep’ (enhanced with Melatonin.)

30 softgels · 600mg Full Spectrum CBD · 20mg CBD per softgel. $99.

This should go without saying, but consult your physician first if you take any other medications or have questions related to your medical health before taking ALTWELL.
For me, it was a simple and efficient method to instill a sense of calm. And who doesn’t want that right now?

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