You’ve been brushing your hair all wrong but it’s not your fault. You didn’t have a Tangle Teezer. This revolutionary new gadget will change the way you brush your hair, effortlessly gliding through wet, tangled hair, or dry, messy locks. We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t tried it and it even worked on our co-workers mass of curls.

You remember the hair rule about never brushing wet hair because of breakage? No worries here. It leaves our mane shiny and smooth.

Using a special patented teeth, the UK’s #1 selling hairbrush makes brushing hair a breeze. And think it will do for Mom’s everywhere who have struggled to brush little ones hair? No more tantrums! (That’s the ‘Magic FlowerPot’ pictured above, which is also said “to bring out your inner princess too!” Not that our daughter ever needed help channeling her Princess side. $19.)

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There’s a compact, purse-sized version, which you can use to re-boot your hair anytime it needs it. (We now carry the  ‘Gold Rush’ one everywhere.) We recommend you get a few, one for the shower –that’s the “splash ” version — and one for bathroom, plus one for your purse, or backpack. Watch out because your man is going to want to borrow it so get him his own in ‘manly’ black for his shower. (You can buy them at Amazon, Ultra, or Urban Outfitters.) $15 for the original salon version, approx. $10 for the compact and $24 for the ‘Splash.’)

OR – win one of 5 from us! Just tell us on our Facebook page why you MUST HAVE  one and if you want the ‘Magic Flowerpot’ or an the grown-up version.






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