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Most of our favorite headphones are well over $100 (we’re looking at you BEATS and BOSE) but the new SOL Republic Tracks clock in at $99 and deliver impressive sound. Heavy on the bass (just like the BEATS), the on-ear cups are comfortable, and the Tracks come with an  interchangeable headband, detachable cordage, and an integrated microphone and remote control.


The headband is made of some proprietary material called called ‘ FexTech’, which can be twisted and bent without breaking (what, you were trying?) and in order to allow for replacement cans, the cups move around easily – perhaps too easily – on the headband  though we never quite slipped them off.


One huge advancement : the cable is detachable, and thus replaceable if it snaps or is damaged, which is far better than having to buy another new pair of headphones entirely.(Been there; done that.)All in all, we rate it a great buy.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering , SOL stands for “saviors-of-sound.”) Hallelujah!



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