A good hair day may not rank up there with establishing peace in the Mid-East, but all us gals now how important it can be. Am I right? For that elusive perfect hair, we salute the invention of the dry shampoo, which is a life saver sometimes. Not only do we shampoo less often (as our hairdresser  is always nagging us about,) but the dry aerosols absorbs all that day-old hair spray, plus icky oil and rejuvenates hair in seconds. SECONDS, people.

One of our new favorites is the Brocato ‘Big Easy’ volumnizing dry shampoo,($15.00)  which is easy to use, and with a little blending, left our third-day (read: dirty) hair with bounce and smelling great. We love it after the gym, when there’s no time to shampoo. Now that we’ve solved our hair crisis, on to bigger problems, like breaking the glass ceiling for women….


Big Easy Dry Shampoo 3.2oz UpD





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