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A new study says that ” 62% of women have interrupted a sexual tryst with their partner to check their cell phone while only 48% of men admitted to doing the same.”

According to the research, the most common reason why people interrupted their bedroom encounters was to answer a call (34%), read or reply to a text (24%) or an email (22%).

The part we didn’t believe was that 34% of the people who admitted to checking their phones during sex claimed that their partner “didn’t mind.” Yeah, right.

While we would  recommend turning OFF the tech in the bedroom, if your significant other is that enamored of their cell phone, maybe get them a protection plan for Valentine’s Day. No, get your mind out of the gutter – we mean protection for the PHONE, like ProtectCELL Complete which replaces its users phones that have been lost or damaged for any reason. In addition, the plan backs up the data from a users mobile device, provides ID theft support, and even offers a trade-in service (similar to NextWorth or Gazelle) to help offset the cost of a new device.

To give you an idea, to protect my iPhone 5 would cost $119 for 2 years. Still, maybe turn off that iPhone this V-day.




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