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That age old question — where to eat? If you’re in a new city, you can’t depend on Yelp! (let’s face it, your peers aren’t doing a good job rating restaurants) and if you don’t know a local, you may depend on chance. Scary.

That’s why we love the new Chefs Feed app (free on iOs and Android.) A SF based food start-up, it taps some of the country’s best chefs, who care passionately what you eat and where you find it.


The app offers up restaurant reviews by more than 1,000 chefs in the U.S. and London and is geo-targeted based on location. So, if you are in LA, you will be served credible advice from chefs on their favorite places and dishes in that city.They also have some really clever web series, including Chefs Read Bad Reviews, where chefs read some of their negative Yelp reviews, This Week in Stupid Food News and more. All of their web series can be viewed here.  


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“I will admit, I have never been to this hole.” | Chefs Read Bad Reviews | Telmo Faria


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