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We don’t know about you but we love getting a peak into a star’s purse, bag, make-up case. In this case, we got a glimpse of Emma Watson’s product- packed make-up case that gets her ready for the red-carpet, who tweeted the photo below.

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Much to our delight, Emma Watson tweeted a photo of  her bag for getting red carpet ready. ‘Commando ‘ panties? Check. Topstick. Check. Skin smoother? Check.  Nars and Bobbi Brown make-up? Check. Strange looking tool? That’s the ghd Eclipse Styler. So that’s how she gets those perfect locks on the carpet, as we just saw at the Noah premiere (above photo.)

For the movie premiere we heard she was styled by personal make-up artist/hairstylist Charlotte Hayward with ghd stylers, which we like because you can create a multitude of stylish hairstyles. All you need is one to get tightly wound curls, luscious waves, stylish flicks or a seductive straight look, and our favorite look, beach-blown big wavy hair.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.34.38 AM 2


We need to get some of those ‘Commando’ panties for our bag.

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