The New York Times recently claimed that beards are ‘in’, but the red carpet at the Grammy’s Sunday night suggests otherwise, as rock star musicians donned fresh shaves for the annual fete. Bruno Mars, Macklemore, and Pharrell all were seen bare-faced…and they were all winners! 

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Forget what you know of traditional razors and think something more cutting edge (sorry:)

After a 4-year development period King of Shaves unveils the Hyperglide’s “smart cartridge” featuring an advanced “superhydrophilic” (water-loving) formula on the entire shaving surface that creates an slick, fast-gliding gel when in contact with water. (Available at Target and for $12.49.)




Since it’s an all-in-one product, no shaving creams are necessary. Just add water, your man and the Hyperglide razor. What man isn’t going to like this stream-lined procedure?


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