What do Joe Rogen and Lebron James have in common?

They both follow a “Ketogenic Diet”, or a high fat, low carbohydrate diet.

In previous posts, I described the human animal as similar to a hybrid car where I discuss the three fuels we burn to make energy, sugar, fat, and protein. (To read all of Dr. Gould’s articles, click here.)

More and more experts are discovering the health benefits of eating delicious high fat creamy concoctions because fat is healthy for you, but not all fats, stick with the natural ones like olive, and coconut oils.

It may seem counter intuitive that things like butter, mayonnaise, and egg yolks could be healthy, but they are, if they are organic, non GMO, and grass fed. Our bodies evolved to be hunter gatherers, and all Aboriginal peoples ate both animal meat, and seafood as their staples and carbohydrates were natural, in the form of root vegetables and seasonal fruits.

What we are presented with daily in our restaurants and grocery stores isn’t even close to what these bodies evolved eating.

Farming and the development of grains seemed like a great way to have a predictable supply of food, especially in times with little opportunity to eat meat, in the depths of winter.

We easily digest all three food sources, but our evolutionary history is one of animal fat consumption, seemingly going against the advice of our doctors who claim eating fat makes you fat.

I highly recommend everyone invest in a good book that clearly explains what nutritional ketosis is, and how to get into fat burning mode. I always joke about simply stopping all sugars and processed carbohydrates, but that’s almost impossible unless you know about a few simple “bio-hacks”  or simulate the diets these bodies prefer.

Join me for a three-part foray into what the HFLC (high fat, low carbohydrate) diet can do for you.


Dr. Gould

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Dr. Joel Gould, international bestselling author of “The Perfect Smile”, has served more than 250,000 patients during his 25 years of dental practice.

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