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The Chinese company, Dlodlo, has developed the next generation VR glasses, which are wireless, lightweight (4ounces), they don’t need a PC, with no dizziness or distortion lag and did we mention they’re GLASSES? No clunky headset needed. Futuristic and relatively fashionable (compared to the alternative) they are said to give an amazing immersive virtual reality experience, perfect for gaming, video entertainment, etc.

Dlodlo VR Glasses2

Dlodlo VR Glasses are portable and comfortable with the look and relative fit of sunglasses — unlike competitors’ clunky and heavy head-mounted displays – and the company claims they  provide the highest Full HD resolution.

Dlodlo VR Glasses - Plane

Priced at $699, the glasses are closer to a price consumers can afford as well. Dlodlo VR Glasses are available at Dlodlo.com, Tmall.com, Jd.com, and  Amazon, among others. 

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