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Here’s a few clever Thanksgiving ideas which ticked our fancy. At the  The Pampered Chefthey have all the tools you need to make these goodies. From beginners (us) to chefs, it pays to have the right tools.


What’s the best way to cap off a delicious turkey dinner? With an equally delicious turkey dessert, of course! These adorable cupcakes are sure to be gobbled up. For these, we used the Deluxe Min-Muffin pan (makes 2 dozen.)

mainpilgrim hats 006


We’re pretty sure they didn’t serve these pilgrim hat-shaped cookies at the first Thanksgiving, but it’s still a fun way to squeeze in a foodie history lesson. Perfect for festive school lunches and after-school snacks. Use the cookie press for these.




Skip the dinner plate-sized pumpkin pie. This year, it’s all about bite-sized desserts. Using the Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan (again) – your not-so-secret weapon for tiny treats – these festive mini pies come together quickly for the post-turkey sweet tooth.



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