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Don’t let this happen to you: you did your our make-up in a badly lit bathroom, hall mirror, dorm, bathroom stall (don’t judge!) only to discover later that you looked like you should be — how can we say this politely? –standing on a street corner.

That’s why we even travel with our mini Simplehuman Sensor mirror, which folds down flat and fits into a compact zipped  bag. The mini sensation lights up automatically when you approach and with 10x magnification, it’s perfect for close-up work like tweezing or applying cat-eye liner. Since it imitates natural sunlight, you can see when your makeup is color-correct and look flawless every time.


 And unlike traditional bulbs, the long-lasting LEDs won’t burn out or dim. And it recharges with a  standard USB port (cable in included.)

 So there’s no excuse anymore for scary make-up, unless of course it’s Oct 31st.

$130 at Simplehuman.

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Evan Hosie has worked as a Women's Lifestyle editor/writer (expert in the beauty and fashion vertical); created the Pop Culture section for; never met a gadget she didn't want; and spends too much time on Social Media.

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