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Sun. Chlorine. Ocean salt. Combined, the summer can wreck havoc on your hair. Think dry, brittle hair, brassy color, split ends for miles. So we asked hair stylists Mika Fowler from Kim Vo salon in Beverly Hills and Teresa Wallack from Marx Pier Avenue salon in Hermosa Beach for their tips on keeping hair healthy and lustrous during the hot months.

Mika at Kim Vo Salon.

Mika at Kim Vo Salon.

Mika :

People are so  active in summer time, so it helps to get a cut that’s a litter blunter. You see, if you have too much texture or shag, your hair gets dry by the sun and salt (or chlorine) water.

You can get layers to enjoy summer look but less texture is always better.

And since hair gets sun burnt easier than your skin, when you realize you’re tan, your hair is already suffering from sun burn, so I highly recommend you use  a good treatment or hair mask.

Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills.

Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills.

Teresa at Marx salon on Pier ave. in Hermosa Beach has gorgeous blond locks, and manages to keep her mane that way all summer, so we asked her for her hair secrets.

Teresa from Marx Pier Ave. Salon.

Teresa from Marx Pier Ave. Salon.


1. Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate shampoos and conditioners or any ingredients similar but disguised under another name such as Ammonium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, etc. These have been found to strip the hair, fade color, and dry the scalp. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an inexpensive ingredient used for lathering and doesn’t necessarily mean clean.


2. Keep a good moisture/protein balance in the hair by deep conditioning every 1-2 weeks. 2.  When swimming or just going out into the sun, a conditioner or oil applied ahead of time can protect the hair from sea salt, chlorine and the elements.

3. Look at ingredients in products. Keep in mind that alcohol often listed in styling products can be very drying. This can be found in blow dry creams, daily straightening products and dry shampoos. Possibly opt for products that are rich in natural botanicals, providing there are no allergies.

aid381618-728px-Deal-with-a-Scalp-Sunburn-Step-4-Version-24. Healthy hair starts from the inside out. There is a lot to be said about the foods we put in our bodies. Choose foods that vibrate at a higher frequency such as fruits and vegetables, Keep in mind that processed foods have a lower vibration. A good B complex has been shown to improve hair and nails.

Marx Salon.

Marx Salon.

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