So last time we covered ‘Hair Secrets From A Celeb Stylist’, on how to keep your hair healthy and lustrous during the summer months and now we needed to know how to keep our color vibrant after the ocean, pool, styling, and tanning in the sun for hours (with sunscreen ‘natch.)

Toyomi Ishikura is a celeb colorist at the Kim Vo salon in Beverly Hills so we asked her for tips, some of which are common sense, some you know, and some took us by surprise. Blue shampoo?



1) Avoid the sun. But if you’re out, wear a hat, or use a hair sunscreen product, since the sun will bleach the color out of your hair. And remember, if you have colored hair (and we won’t tell) make sure to put more product on the ends, which are more sensitive. We like Phytoplage Protective Beach Spray which contains anti-UVB polymer to protect the hair. (Pricey but also conditions your hair while it protects.)

2) Green hair from chlorine? Rinse with some tomato juice –the red neutralizes the green. Who knew? Toyomi recommends the Schwarzkopf products. Or, use a shampoo like the Sheer Blonde line by John Frieda, which gets the green out by removing oxidized minerals and chlorine, found in both your regular tap water AND the pool. And since this shampoo contains no peroxide or color it won’t strip your hair color either. (You can’t beat the $7 price tag, either!)


3) Don’t shampoo. Well, not ever, but just try rinsing your hair instead of using a shampoo which will make your color last soooo much longer. Don’t shampoo more than every 3 days, says Toyomi.

4) Did you know you shouldn’t wash your hair for 48 hours after getting it treated, even highlighted? Your hair is still processing.

5) Get yourself some “Blue” shampoo stat, like the Aveda ‘Blue Malva’ which neutralizes brassiness in chemically treated hair of ALL shades. (It also makes naturally grey hair more shiny and manageable.) Not that you have any of course.

Now get yourself to the beach!


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