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A stunning actress walking the red carpet at her movie premiere surrounded by fans and the press

Even if you don’t have a Red Carpet in your future, chances are you have a bevy of holiday parties, including your friend’s wild New Year’s bash, and you want your hair to shine.

We asked celeb stylist Mika Fowler from Beverly Hills’ Kim Vo salon, who counts among her clients stars Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, and Annalynne McCord, what is popular this year.

Mika: ‘The wavy long bob is still going strong, especially when styled so it’s sleek. It’s gives you a crisp, clean upscale look, perfect for Red Carpet’s — or holiday parties.  This style gives you a classy look.’

An example of the sleek look, popular this season.

An example of the sleek look, popular this season.

‘Use soft mouse or light gel when your hair is still wet. Then blow dry with a wide puddle blush, pulling your hair back. Apply spray dry wax all over and run your fingers through your hair to create texture. Lastly, apply  hard hold wax around the face line to keep the hair off your  face.’

Celeb stylist Mika Fowler

Celeb stylist Mika Fowler

For more tips and tutorials, check out Mika’s site.


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