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If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party/brunch, we’ve caught you just in time! We asked genius party planner Sunny Ravanbach of While Lilac Inc. for some tips.

With clients like Chanel, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Bulgari, & Chopard (to name a few), Sunny knows how to throw a party, but she also knows how to throw a party for the average gal! (Seriously, the Chopard party –pictured below –was to die for.)



Budget: “Present the food in a family style as the centerpiece. Pull our your best china to serve present all of the dishes in the center of the table. Elevate plates on cake stands to create a fuller tablescape.”

Designer Way: “Centerpieces don’t always have to be flower arrangements. Existing decor items such as vases, trays and even candles in your home can all go into creating tablescape. Use what you have, and supplement with new pieces that you will be able to incorporable in your home.”


Budget: “Hit up your favorite take out spot – Chinese, Thai, etc. You know your guests will love it and tastes even better when you serve them on pretty plates.”

“Splurge on dessert. If you’re saving on the main dish, splurge on the star of the meal.”

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Designer Way: “If you plan on cooking the main dish, considering ordering out for the sides and vise versa. Check out gourmet grocery stores or favorite restaurants for ready-to-serve options to finish out the menu.”


Budget:“For maximum visual impact on the table, add a patterned table runner. Wrapping paper can act as a guest runner and has plenty of style options.”

Designer Way: “Rent a table linen to change the entire look of your table. Be sure to get guest napkins to really amp up the fancy.”


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