Known as the ‘un-plastic’ Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Davis Nguyen is recognized as a leader in his field, and performs everything from reconstructive surgery, to brow lifts and face lifts, to touch ups with ‘filler’ which leaving you looking completely natural, just younger and refreshed. There are no ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills” looking women in his waiting room, with the stiff, frozen faces, thank you very much.

Trained at Yale and Harvard, and an instructor at the USC School of Medicine, he explained his philosophy towards plastic surgery this way:

There are several core philosophical principles which drive our practice. We feel that the approach to facial plastic surgery by both patient and doctor should be a conservative one. We feel that results should appear natural and balanced so that a patient looks like the best version of his or herself, not a bizarre approximation of someone else

With all the options available these days, especially the injectables, which can prevent and reserve the visible signs of aging without surgery, a face-lift may never be necessary ( a girl can hope.) We decided to try some Juvederm, to fill in the pronounced lines around our mouth and nose which made us appear older, and try and turn back the clock – even just a little.

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First came the numbing cream which really helped with the tiny little needle, which only felt like a pin prick. Watching the doctor was like observing a sculptor, he ‘molded’ the Juvederm, kind of massaging it into the crevices until he was happy with the result.  In what seemed like only a few minutes I was looking at a more youthful me in the mirror. Talk about instant gratification! Conservatively, I’d say I looked 7 to 10 years younger.

We asked the good doctor  – now our new best friend – why he chose Juvederm over all the other fillers available?

“I prefer to use hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, like Juvederm, because they are malleable and integrate naturally into the face. I find other less pliable products run the risk of distorting the facial anatomy which can lead to an unnatural, over-augmented appearance. HA’s allow me the flexibility to sculpt and contour, ensuring the most natural results. Also, unlike other dermal fillers, HA’s can be easily dissolved with an injectable enzyme when necessary.”

Flash forward a couple of days and our girlfriends are telling us we’re looking great and ‘What did you do??’ Gleefully, we shared , but we won’t judge you if you keep it your little secret.

Doctor Nguyen

9735 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #216
Linden Clinic
Beverly Hills, CA. 90212
Tel: 310.550.0288


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