Become strong and sexy this holiday period

Become strong and sexy this holiday period

The holiday season is almost upon us and everyone wants to look their best, but these five simple things could be holding you back from being fab, instead of drab.

Poor Nutrition and Lifestyle

A prospective client once told me that he wanted my help. “I want to get my body fat down and have a leaner, more athletic appearance” he said. He went on, “But I don’t want to change my lifestyle”. His lifestyle included late nights drinking and smoking, lots of stress and bingeing on pizza with friends. Sensing that he was waiting for permission to eat poorly and abuse his body outside of the gym in exchange for his hard work inside of the gym, I replied, “Your body will reflect your nutrition and lifestyle more than your workouts will”.

Poor Circulation and Dehydration

Circulation and hydration are crucial aspects of fitness that are largely overlooked. Cardiovascular exercise and regular stretching before and after workout sessions will help you to maintain good circulation. Eating foods high in Vitamin C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Lycopene won’t hurt either. Drinking adequate water (Males: 125oz/day, Females 91oz/day) will improves cellular transduction (communication), detoxification and fat metabolism.

No Gameplan

During a recent training session with a client I asked another gym member who was training if my client  could “work-in”, or take turns using a machine. His reply was, “No worries, I’m just hopping around, I don’t have a plan”. Can you imagine setting out on an ocean voyage with no map or navigation? Training should always be goal specific. Otherwise there is no way to measure success and you risk getting into a rut. Plan your meals and workouts at the top of each week for best results.


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Los Angeles based personal trainer Clarence K. Howard has dedicated his life to helping others reach their optimal potential. His holistic approach to fitness and emphasis on empowerment through health and wellness education separate him from others in the fitness industry. For nearly a decade, Clarence has been called upon to train elite athletes, well-known entertainers and high-powered executives. Clarence's philosophy is simple: True fitness should be a holistic, goal specific and sustainable part of one's lifestyle. Learn more about Clarence and how he can help you by visiting today.

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