The Creative Labs Halo speaker is not just another portable speaker. For one thing, the Bluetooth Halo comes with a fully programmable light show that you can set to pulse to the music or change up the colors with the app. It’s mesmerizing and will impress your friends with all the options.

Creative Xpectra Lightshow app lets you manage your lightshow settings as well as control music playback.

But how does it sound? For a little speaker, it produces a great sound, with pump-up-the-party bass. It has powered a number of our parties, and the Bluetooth connects seamlessly, even in the backyard.
Lightweight, it even comes with a travel strap (though we have yet to use that option.) We’ve easily gone 8 hours without recharging. Did we mention it also functions as a speakerphone? It’s also a great price at $70.
It’s all you need for a great rave party.