To say that technology has been influential to the way we perceive games in general today would be a massive understatement. Technology has not just had an impact on the quality of the visuals and audio of games, but also the quality of the gameplay. In today’s gaming world, you can play live casino games on your mobile phone. This was not possible some 15 years ago. There is truly a direct correlation between gaming and technology. What is for certain is that it is only going to get better as time goes by.

The good old days of gaming

Nostalgia is great, but even reminiscing on old times has its limits. Back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the games readily available to both kids and adults were board games. One of these board games was the classic ‘Monopoly’ game which was invented way back in 1902 by Elizabeth Magie. Elizabeth Magie was an American and she also named the board game ‘The Landlord’s Game’ at the time.

The ‘70s witnessed the first-ever video game known as ‘Computer Space’ which was developed by Nutting Associated. This set the pace for what was to come and by 1972, an arcade game called ‘Ping’ was released. This game was run by the use of coins. However, from the ‘70s to the late ‘80s, computer games began to take their first steps in the homes of people.

You then had computers with built-in games or using floppy disks which allowed people to play games in the comfort of their homes. By the ‘90s and early 2000, gaming had almost completely moved from the arcade pubs to homes. Video game consoles like Nintendo SNES were popular and offered players a choice of games on cartridges or CD-ROMS.

The impact of technology in gaming

In recent times casino gaming, in particular, has become more mobile, such as having a Blackjack game to play on mobile devices like Android or iOS smartphones. The reality is technology has made gaming a whole lot easier and convenient. No longer do you have to visit an arcade to play computer games or even a casino to get your fill of casino gambling.

These days you simply need a mobile phone and an internet connection to play a regular casino game. You can even get a mobile application or App downloaded to your mobile device with which you can gain access to the casino games offered by an online casino gaming site.

Games can be played anywhere, anytime these days. With live casino gaming, for example, you play a game with live dealers in attendance. No longer do you need a console to connect to your television before you can play a game at home. Whether you own a mobile phone with a 7 inch or 10-inch screen, it really doesn’t matter as you will get the same visual and audio quality on both.

It is clear that as technology advances, so also does the gaming world evolve whether it is Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) gaming, technology is playing a crucial role in how games are played in the 21st century. There is no doubt about it!