Living in Los Angeles means that at any given time one can see at least 2 to 3 Prius at an intersection — or are they called Pree- I?  The Prius is a hybrid vehicle that runs on electricity and gas. People prefer to use electricity because there is no stinky exhaust, and electricity is better for our planet than burning polluting fossil fuels.

The human animal is also a sort of hybrid, in that we have two choices for what we burn as fuels, sugars or fats. Our bodies have been engineered to burn both and we can switch back and forth. Just like the Prius.


When we were hunter gatherers, we were omnivores who ate seeds, nuts, some veggies and animals, and evolved to metabolize these typical foods so our own engines run smoothly. When we realized that we could stay in one place and grow crops, it seemed like a great idea, because it saved us a lot of time foraging for food. Convenience and our culture created a delicious heap of carbohydrate heavy junk food.


We are all burning sugar instead of fat, it’s like we are all Prii but instead of using electricity we are burning gas day and night. Weight gain, and sugar highs and lows abound.

A “Ketogenic Diet” isn’t a new fad, it’s been around for years, and fitness fanatics and body builders have used the fat burning technology to lose weight and lean out for completions. They knew that being in “Ketosis” gave your body definition by torching fat. (More info. on the Ketogenic Diet.)


New technology has allowed us to “Biohack” our bodies and trick our brains to enter into fat burning mode by having grass fed butter, or MTC oil, medium chain Triglycerides signal our brains and bodies to metabolize fat, without having to starve ourselves into this ancient fat burning mode. 

If we acknowledge that fat is our preferred fuel, and cut out sugar and starches, our bodies can burn the cleaner more efficient fuel, fat, and most of us will lose some  unwanted fat as our bodies recalibrate now that we are finally burning the right stuff. There is also evidence that regular consumption of MCT oil has anti-cancer property’s in addition to beneficial effects for digestion and better brain function.

Choose your high octane fuel wisely, and investigate this whole new health paradigm for yourself.

About The Author

Dr. Joel Gould, international bestselling author of “The Perfect Smile”, has served more than 250,000 patients during his 25 years of dental practice.

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