Dr.Perricone MD burst onto the beauty scene with one goal: results. As a board certified dermatologist, New York Times bestselling author of “The Wrinkle Cure” and his incredible line up of skincare products; he knows what he’s cooking up for your skin.

If you’ve been tired lately of lack luster wrinkle cream results or wanting assertive preventative care you have to try Perricone MD’s ‘Brightening Eye Cream’. This under eye cream boasts a series of ingredients such as: Cress Sprouts, Turmeric, Olive Leaf, and Green Tea. While natural and impressive for brightening and tightening your skin the real coup is: NRF2.

What? We’ve never heard of NRF2 so to better understand this little scientific wonder we went digging. Turns out it’s a natural compound located in our bodies, which is activated by certain foods and ingredients. Dr. Perricone’s latest eye cream delivers active NRF2 directly to your troublesome under eye area. NRF2 acts as a natural boosting agent for antioxidant production in your own body. Research in biochemistry has revealed a threefold effect from NRF2. It signals the continued and renewed production of antioxidants, detoxification, and cell survival. Can you hear us fountain of youth were sold.

While we still plan on braving the Amazon rainforest to take a prolonged dunk in the fountain of youth, Dr. Perricone’s ‘Brightening Eye Cream’ for $65.00 seems a solid second. In real time you’ll have fresh, dewy looking skin. Use for one month to see the full effects.

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