Does your child snore or grind their teeth?

Most parents approach their healthcare providers with questions about the noises they hear coming from their children’s room of snoring and tooth grinding called bruxism. Doctors all have excuses or explanations for these conditions that are becoming more common by the day, but no one has identified the cause. Neither of these conditions is normal though they are common.

New scientific research has linked a vitamin D deficiency to both of these problems, and they are the early signs of pediatric sleep apnea.

Children with these conditions are often irritable and have emotional problems, some even have nocturia or we the bed. ADD or attention disorders are caused by the interrupted sleep that this syndrome causes. Enlarged tonsils are often a part of this new disease, as tonsil size is inversely proportional to vitamin D status. The bigger the tonsils, the lower the D level. These are the children who have the new syndrome I describe in my new book “The Modern Epidemic” the story of the separation of the human animal from its evolutionary origins.

When we were hunter-gatherers over 10,000 years ago, we lived outside and experienced more sun exposure and a much stronger connection to the environment we evolved in.

You won’t find this information on Google, but a simple 25(OH)vitamin D test will show you that your child is severely vitamin D deficient. I know about this syndrome well, as I suffered from it myself. It’s critical to identify this problem and treat it with a therapeutic dose of vitamin D supplements first, and then only once your D level is above 40ng/ml, you can get a bit of safe sun exposure to help maintain healthy vitamin D levels. (Editors note: For more on Doctor Gould’s discoveries, check out his site.)