This week marked another victory against mega-corporation Monsanto/Bayer and it’s Frankenstein-like creation called “Glyphosate” found in their popular weed-killer Round-up.

The 10 billion dollar settlement is the third recent victory against the herbicide manufacturer Monsanto’s Round-up, a household weed killer you can buy at the corner store, that’s labeled as safe, or nontoxic. Those victories may seem like a success, but we have a long way to go before this poison is eliminated from our food chain and the planet.

(Editor’s Note: France, Germany, and Italy have all instituted glyphosate bans.)



Even with this new judgment, don’t expect any change in the use of this toxic goop though, as it is still in your food, water, and urine, and it’s about as far from safe as anything ever created by man or god for that matter.

Most people know me as the vitamin D dentist, not an environmental crusader, so why am I writing about glyphosate?  And why did I create a cartoon character of it for my book “The Modern Epidemic”? Glyphosate is one of my “villains”, it decreases our body’s ability to activate vitamin D to its usable form in the liver. Those who eat foods with a high amount of this deadly chemical show lower vitamin D status. (Read Doctor Gould’s latest piece on Vit D here.)

To simplify the science, I created ‘cartoon characters,’ such as this villain below.


Glyphosate and other similar chemicals are now found in almost every food, beer, wine, or drinking water and even in cotton, and every GMO crop of corn soy and wheat. It could be a shock to you that this poison has been in our food in North America since 1974. Certain foods like oatmeal and beans and healthy seeming bran products are particularly loaded with this colorless odorless, tasteless, and terrifying chemical. No lawsuit will stop Monsanto/Bayer; the profit margin is simply too high, and 10 billion dollars is chump change for these corporations.

Stated simply, Glyphosate kills necessary gut bacteria, therefore reducing our immune response, which is critically important right now as we fight an insidious virus.



This is their fourth time a charm chemical product from the company that brought us PBCs,  DDT,  and Agent Orange while swearing year after year that these poisons were “safe”. What are the chances their fourth creation, Glyphosate, is as safe as those other financial blockbuster products?



This may be a victory for those with cancer from its farm application, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when you’ll begin to understand just exactly how glyphosate destroys microbes like bacteria in the soil, and in our bodies. Unfortunately, it’s much worse than you think; we’ve been being poisoned by our own people for profit.  All we need to do is look to the dead zone that reaches out well across the Gulf of Mexico in summer where the toxic chemicals we spray on our food chain exit the country through the mouth of the Mississippi delta. Do you need any scientific studies to tell you that the chemicals we put on our food are not safe when it kills all life in a very large chunk of the ocean?


You can minimize your exposure by buying organic, but no one is testing food sources, and labeling is limited.

Why is this story so topical? It’s tied to our current pandemic, and Wuhan China is the largest producer and user of this chemical monster. This virus is linked to glyphosate, but it is going to take a long time for my information to make sense, and that’s why I created cartoon characters to help simplify the science.


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