Has it happened to you that you don’t know what to buy your dad for Father’s Day? Maybe he already has too many things or he just doesn’t appreciate your crafts anymore. Statistics show that most people buy their fathers the same boring gifts every year. This June forget about the typical Father’s Day presents and get your dad a cool gift.  Here’s a list of great ideas to surprise him:

  • Get him a Segway: This two-wheeled vehicle is perhaps one of the most fun out there. They can be quite expensive so you can just rent it for the day. If you rent two imagine all the fun you and your dad can have fooling around.

  • Buy him a high-quality tool: This might be a cliché but every dad loves a good tool. Does your dad complain about his tools every time he has to fix something? Is he a handyman? According to TOOLWIZARD, every man should have at least a good set of screwdrivers, a drill and a hammer.
  • Get him an engraved watch: Fathers love having a nice watch but these can be expensive. Buy your dad a nice watch with his initials engraved on it.
  • Buy an ancestry DNA test: if your dad is a curious person, you can get him this ancestry test to find out about his ancestors. Plus, you may find out you have some distant relatives from other places in the world.

  • Have a whisky glass engraved: this gift is great for a father who enjoys having an occasional glass of whisky. You can write his name, a phrase, a poem or just “I love you dad” on it.
  • Get a smart mug: not all mugs are boring. You can get your dad an smart mug, that is, one that keeps itself at an exact temperature. It can hold up the heat for hours.
  • Prepare a beauty kit: whether your dad is a caveman or a very stylish person, he will all the same appreciate a beauty kit. There are brands that sell pre-arranged boxes with grooming products, or you can just make one on your own.
  • Take your dad on a tour to a football stadium: If your dad is a football fan he will really appreciate this gift. Some clubs, like Liverpool FC, offer tours within the stadium and museum. Imagine being on your own at Anfield Stadium, exploring the halls like football stars.
  • Visit the city’s most famous buildings: If your dad is interested in architecture and history, you can take him on a tour around your city or another city. Spend the day going to his favourite places and listen to his many memories around town. British towns have very rich history behind. He’ll definitely appreciate it.
  • Take him on a supercar driving experience: some companies rent expensive sports car for a day. You can rent your dad his favourite car and join him on a road trip for the day.

  • Go beer or wine tasting: some pubs and wineries offer tasting tours. You can spend the day drinking and chatting with your dad. Plus, you can both learn about the processes of brewing beer or making of wine.

All these gifts are really cool and your dad will definitely love them. But, if you find yourself with a tight budget don’t worry about spending money on gifts. For your dad the best gift will be that you spend time with him. Just, please, don’t buy him any more mugs -unless they are smart!

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