Donald Sterling goes to great lengths every year to throw his annual “White Party” held at his Malibu  home. I know, I have been invited to attend this “A list” event put on in his beach home which runs into ” the Colony”; the spectacular Malibu ocean front community where the uber rich and celebrities live.




Joining his parties are 50 plus female models, all dressed in white, serving guests also who are required to wear white to get in. The “White  Only “theme, no pun intended , is the  theme of the billionaire NBA and Real Estate Mogul Donald Sterling’s  annual  party and his “white only” theme at games also which got  this billionaire into  the hot seat for his alleged racist comments. The media came out all over the world with audio recordings where his voice seems to  be the one saying to estranged girlfriend that he does not want blacks at his NBA games. What irony . If its true, only in Hollywood does irony play out out in real lives of billionaires and sugar babies as if  the whole story has been scripted all along where you get to the end and say “no surprise”.

For me,  getting on the guest list , it was my first “white party”, I had never been to one. I  went shopping the day before to change into all white to jon this A list shindig in Malibu  and got to a coouple of years back thinking:

 Is anyone offended by Donald Sterling throwing an ALL  WHITE PARTY? 


donaldsterlingwhite party



Who came up with this  white party idea? Just wondering because it sounds a bit akward.

Especially if this year you get an invite like I did by billionaire  Donald Sterling, the owner of the NBA Team The Clippers,  a man now caught up in probably one of the ugliest  sports scandals in history.

Maybe Sterling should ease the tensions now that he is being called racist and change the name to  ” Can’t-we just-get -long beach party” and let EVERYONE in. Just saying….   but one thing for sure we wonder if he will have his annual white party again this August since he got into some flack recently about saying “no blacks” should come to his Clippers’s NBA games.So it seems to reason no more “white parties  for this billionaire.And if he is kicked out f the NBA and looses his franchise, and his ex wife wins her pending divorce case against him, there might not be any parties at all. Poor Donald.-that Sugar Baby” you were scoring 3 points with after the NBA games could cost you more than the $1.8 million you gave her so far. Talk about “trading places”.

Is Donald Sterling’s Favorite Color White?



It was a great  white party though and I got to meet this very tall basketball player. …at that moment this young freckled face handsome looking guy who at the time the world had not yet grasped this future legends name,…. he got in…and  he was not wearing any all white clothes all. I remember  someone whispering to me “He is the new rookie, his name is Blake Griffin and he is half white”. I am not a basketball fan  of the Lakers nor the Clippers but we definitely saw an entire city divide soon . They got to witness  Blake Griffin later on in  the news annoying  Laker’s MVP player Colby Bryant when he led Donald Sterling’s Clippers team to beat the Lakers and Colby a more than handful of times in stunning disbelief to a city divided by basketball affiliations maybe more than race . Mr Sterling is apparently  not a fan of Laker’s players either telling his half black/Mexican girlfriend V Stiviano not to bring former Laker’s player’s Magic Johnson around the Clippers games. I don’t know what to think about Donald Sterling being a racist, but I know Mr Sterling  really   likes white parties, hates the Lakers and  wants everything at his beach home parties and skyboxes apparently to be meticulously  white…everything in his life. …except for his  basketball team and his  sugar babies.  Just Saying.



V Stiviano. Self proclaimed Sugar Baby to Billionaire Donald Sterling



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