It’s National Mojito Day today folks, so let’s get busy with some recipes! While we love a classic Mojito, made with white rum, lime and fresh mint, we just tried the Cruzan ‘Peach Dream Mojito’ which is delish.

This Mojito updates the regular recipe with juicy Cruzan Peach Rum, lavender bitters and honey syrup.


Cruzan® Peach Dream Mojito


1 part Cruzan® Peach Rum

1 part Cruzan® Estate Diamond® Light Rum

1 dash Lavender Bitters

1/2 part Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 part Honey Syrup*



Lightly muddle Mint with Honey Syrup and Lime in a pint glass. Add Rums, Bitters and ice. Lightly shake. Top with Soda Water and a bouquet of Mint for garnish.

*Honey Syrup: 


6 parts Honey

6 parts Hot Water

Method: Combine 6 parts Honey and 6 parts Hot Water. Stir and set aside.

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