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Tucked away in a historic brownstone on West 9th Street, Omar’s La Ranita has become one of  Greenwich Village’s most popular neighborhood eateries, famous for it’s food and drink as well as it’s genial host, Omar Hernandez, who makes everyone feel like a regular.

The cocktail of choice is the home-made ‘La Ranita’ which is a refreshing mix of Corralejo Reposado, Fresh Citrus, Apricot Jam & Reduced Red Wine.

We begged them to share the recipe and they happily obliged.

The La Ranita 

2oz Corralejo Reposado Tequila

.75oz  fresh Lime Juice

.75oz  fresh Lemon Juice

.75oz  Red Wine Syrup (reduction of Malbec and sugar. Equal parts.)

1 teaspoon of Apricot Jam.

Out all contents in a shaker add ice and shake vigorously.

Pour contents in a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.

Rocks glass with a half rim of Lime zest salt.

Lime Zest salt.

Equal parts zested lime and salt.



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