Another day, another vodka flavor (watermelon, anyone?)

That’s what we thought when we heard Grey Goose vodka has a new entry, named VX. Why mess with perfection? But rather than just add a fruit flavor this GG is ‘finished’ with precious cognac from grapes from the Grande Champagne cru. ( It’s a blend of 95% Vodka and 5% Cognac.)

As Francois Thibault, a strikingly handsome Frenchman and creator of Grey Goose explained, ‘ “In creating Grey Goose VX, I wanted to capture the aromatic notes of a precious Cognac, bringing its delicate essence of orchard fruits, plum, apricot and the mild flavors of wild honey to the remarkable character of Grey Goose vodka.”

Packaged in a gorgeous Cognac-shaped bottle, the VX is a game-changer. Now that the flavor tend is waning – and none to soon –  expect to see more high-end vodkas add a spirit.

But what does it taste like, you ask? Like the nectar of the Gods. If that isn’t specific enough, imagine the base note of clean, smooth Grey Goose vodka with a whisper of jasmine, a pinch of wild honey, an essence of peach and plum, and a very dry finish. Meant to be sipped, preferably ice-cold, it stands on it’s own, but can accompany most foods, especially ones with bold flavors.

David Kaplan, chef Maximillian Chow, Guillaume Jubien and Randy Evans.

David Kaplan, chef Maximillian Chow, Guillaume Jubien and Randy Evans.

Priced at $75 a bottle, the decanter is made from ‘extra flint ‘ glass, known for it’s brilliance and clarity, making it a great gift. Almost too pretty to drink. Almost.

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