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Trendy woman: Birchbox

Cost: $10/month

Birchbox is a girly-girl’s dream. Sign up to receive a monthly delivery of high-end beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples that have been customized for you your BFF. You, uh, your best friend will love the new nail polish, leave-in conditioner, and trendy lipstick.



Foodie: Love with Food

Cost: $10/month

The foodies dream! For $10/month, members receive eight new gourmet foods in the mail each month. Plus, Love with Food will donate a meal to a hungry child as part of that cost every single month. You truly can’t beat that – a gift that keeps on giving to your loved one and the community, all year round.


Poor college student: Netflix 

Cost: $7.99/month

We all know and love Netflix – especially college students. If you don’t have it, you want it. But for many on a budget, making the jump to a 1-year subscription is a luxury. Give the gift of unlimited movies and TV shows for endless entertainment with friends and a much needed study break.



Macho man: Dollar Shave Club

Cost: $1/month, $6/month, or $9/month depending on razor quality

We originally thought this was a joke after  viewing the amusing video on Youtube, but as it turns out it’s a smart business and makes a perfect gift for the practical man. Buy razors online through the Dollar Shave Club and avoid the hassle of having to go to the store to purchase razors. The recipient will receive multiple blades and a new handle every month. The Dollar Shave Club will save the recipient a lot of money over the ‘coarse’ of the giving year.

ProtectCELL-Coverage Overview

Tech-savvy: ProtectCELL 

Cost: $2 to $8/month depending on plan (iPhone protection plans from $29.99-$199.99.)

“iPhones have many functions. Floating isn’t one of them. If that theory ever gets tested, ProtectCELL will be there to make it right. The same goes for your personal info and identity if they ever take a dive.”

Help your gadget-loving friend of family member keep their favorite devices safe with an affordable ProtectCELL mobile protection plan. ProtectCELL’s protection plans work for mobile phones and tablets and protect the physical device with swift replacement, the device’s data with data backup, the user’s identity with ID theft protection, and even the users investment with device buyback plans. They’ll be thanking you the next time they damage or want to upgrade one of their favorite gadgets. And remember, your iPhone can’t swim.



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