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Yes, we’re talking to you. Turns out, one of the worst things you can do to your hair is wash it since it strips those follicles of precious oil. Also, washing your hair too much makes your color fade more quickly, and NONE of us need that.

Celeb stylist Mika Fowler, who cuts stars like Olivia Munn’s hair (pictured above) at the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills, recommends shampooing only two to three days per week, and if you have curly hair, try washing it only once a week. If that thought grosses you out, try rinsing between lathering. Even after the gym, a good rinse will get rid of almost all the sweat, dirt and grime. If you need something more, wash with a little conditioner. Yes, you heard that right.

From Mika:

‘People who have beautiful hair only wash a few times a week. Of course, it depends on your lifestyle and how oily your scalp gets, but if you wash too often your natural oil can’t protect your hair — especially the ends! 

With colored hair and/or dry skin you have to be even more careful.’

If your strands get too oily, consider dry shampoo. Fowler recommends Joico’s ($18.)

‘It’s very light and never powdery-white, like many dry shampoos,’ she says.

I love the Joico dry shampoo because it’s very light can never makes your hair all white and powder-y.

It’s kind of amazing because most dry shampoos make your hair white.’


She adds that you can try adding baby powder on your roots to refresh your style, but if you’re like us, you ended up looking like you were wearing a powered wig. Shephora has an exhaustive list

But to start having better looking tresses immediately, just stop shampooing. It’s that easy.





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