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VI, short for ‘Vitality Institute’, famous for it’s medical grade VI Peel, has now branched out into an entire skincare line, with their VI DERM skin care. While we haven’t tried the entire line, the products we’ve tried are already having results, though we know it will take weeks and maybe months to get optimal skin.

1) The  VI DERM Exfoliating Body Lotion  leaves our skin literally radiant. By using a glycolic acid to remove outer layers of dead and thickened skin, it reveals a younger look. (If you are already using a retinol product, check with your dermatologist before doubling up.) $40.

2) For dry, winter-ravaged skin, the Derm Complete Skin Normal/Dry Skin is your one-step maintenance product. Active ingredients include glycolic and azelaic acid, vitamin c, retinol, green tea and coffee berry extract, provide all-important antioxidants for cell regeneration and protection, while moisturizing. ($40.) Just use a small amount — it goes a long way.

3) For anti-aging, the VI DERM Vitamin C corrective treatment provide a targeted, effective approach. Packaging the high-potency gel in an airless pump maintains the stability of the product and prevents oxidation. Most Vit C products on the market go back within a month of being opened, something they don’t mention on most over-the-counter products. ($80.)

Vitamin C gel.

Vitamin C gel.

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a stable oil soluble form of Vitamin C , is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production, and again, use sparingly.

Since the entire product line uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, it’s not a bad idea to see your dermatologist, or use the locator on the site for   doctors who carry and are trained in the use of the brand.

On our wish list for the holidays: The anti-aging bundle!

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