Gwen Stefani hosts the Harajuku Lovers #PopElectric High Tea With BeautyCon.

Gwen Stefani hosts the Harajuku Lovers #PopElectric High Tea With BeautyCon.

To the delight of her fans, Pop Princess Gwen Stefani hosted a tea party at the Ebell Theatre  to celebrate her  Harajuku Lovers new perfumes with over 90 YouTube stars, as part of BeautyCon. Gwen Stefani met most of the Youtube stars personally while showing off her 5 fragrances in crazy, wonderful ‘bottles.’

Harajuku Lovers Perfumes by Gwen Stefani #popelectric.

Harajuku Lovers Perfumes by Gwen Stefani

Gwen mentioned that 20 years ago no one would have ever have thought YouTube digital stars would be so influential, or even knew how important social networks would be. She wanted to celebrate her line with the influencers of the digital world because she understands how important it is to have your own voice while creating content. Gwen continued to advocate that people need to celebrate themselves, and that we need to be proud of the creators we are.


All of Gwen’s children attended and  they enjoyed crafts while Gwen mingled. Gwen made it a point to take a photo with every digital influencer who attended, she answered every Q&A, she even took the entire family and her entertainment team into the photo booth for a group shot. Gwen was the last to leave. Makes you love her even more, doesn’t it?


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