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It seemed that everyone at Coachella had their hair dyed, even if it was just the tip of their ponytail. But if you forgot, there was always the #Splatchella Hair Stream Mobile Styling Lounge (In an Air Stream trailer, get it?)

For festival goers, Splat was offering two options to get festival-goers hair pimped and primed: the Splat Hair Chalk, that lasts all day set to set and washes out after one shampoo and the Splat Colorizer Color Toning Conditioner, a temporary 5 minute color that simultaneously conditions while dying and lasts up to 5-10 shampoos. Hair tip for the colored chalk: spray the colored hair with hair spray to keep it from getting on clothes etc.)


With the eye-catching silver vehicle parked outside the Saguaro in Palm Springs, it was a party onto itself with a karaoke bar for those who were waiting for 1×1 appointments. Now if we could just get this traveling salon to park outside our house….. 

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