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Why are you still wearing drab socks, when there’s ‘Sock It Me’ which sells colorful, fun socks in over 300 different designs? Love Unicorns? They’ve got that. Musician? Check out the funky musical notes pair. Personally, we went for the ‘POW’ superhero ones and the Ninja knee highs. But we got the monsters for a toddler friend, the wild mustache for our hairy man and the Stretch -It ‘Starry Night’ for our artist GF. (Since they’re stretchy they accommodate a wide range of sizes.) Most pairs are around $12 and come in knee high, crew and ‘Stretch-It.’ We were gifted a pair last Xmas and they still stay up!


And did we mention they now have underwear? We wouldn’t kid you about something so important.


But if you’ve been harboring a desire to see your own design on a pair of socks, listen up because Sock It To Me is running a contest right now.  The winner gets $2000 and they’ll turn your design into a sock ; 2nd place wins cash prize of $500 and 10 pairs of socks and 3rd place is a cash prize of $250 and 5 pairs of socks. Hurry, you have until 9/30/16 to submit your awesome idea.(Winners will be announced on October 17th, 2016.)




Want some inspiration? Here’s the big winner last year, a Missy Corey who calls her design Sugar Skull .


After all, why shouldn’t socks be fun?


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Mackenzie is a student at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. She is double-majoring in Biology and Neuroscience. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga and hanging out at the beach with friends.

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