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Hey, we’re not one to judge, especially when our Instagram page looks like all we do is consume cocktails! But these days, with potential employers combing through our social media pages, it’s important to do a little home-page cleaning. (Those 500 hundred statuses about you being bombed in college? Not so funny when you’re 25 yrs. old and on the job market.)

Voila ” Social Sweepster,” which uses text and object recognition to detects bad language and objects such as beer cans, bongs and Solo cups. The scan is conducted using patent-pending algorithms and users can decide whether to hide, delete, or untag themselves after receiving a report with privacy breakdown.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 13.20.22

Not only that, but Social Sweepster’s patent-pending object and facial recognition technology can locate both tagged and untagged photos of a user, ‘verifying the threat of the image’s based on the detection of objects like beer cans, solo cups and beer bottles on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, all text – comments, status updates, Tweets – that have an undesirable connotation are marked. Once the flagged information is compiled, users receive a report that ranks threats in groups of low, medium and high, and have the option to hide the content, report or un-tag it. Another feature in the tool’s interface allows users to use Google Reverse image search identified photographs to find if they exist anywhere else on the Internet.


So if your social media pages are anything like ours, you’ll want to clean ’em up before that recruiter at Merrill Lynch takes a look. And if you think your Snap Chat disappear, we have a bridge to sell you.

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