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Social Media is more than about having a twitter or facebook account, it’s about powerful conversations that take place online that is powering the way to leading roles. Talented influencers  who create conversations online  are changing how brands interact with audiences.

Events like the Oscars have been forever changed by the power of social media with stars like Ellen Degeneras taking her memorable picture at the Oscars in 2015, a brilliant idea that got just about everyone involved in watching the  Oscars joining the conversation as well on social media. The conversation went viral and was viewed many more times in social media than many  global media outlets got coverage on about the entire Oscars that  year. Leonardo DiCaprio’s (@LeoDiCaprio) win for Best Actor in 2016 generated more than 440,000 Tweets per minute, the most-Tweeted minute of an Oscars telecast ever, beating out the previous record of 255,000 Tweets per minute, set when @TheEllenShow Tweeted this star studded selfie. ellendegenerasoscars The point is, social media is now taking a clear road to lead as the top media to get the news out if you are a swanky Hollywood  event, celebrity or brand.

Social media is also  transforming the careers too of emerging stars:

Actress Olga Safari got her first break a couple years back after a  hilarious article about her during the Oscars ranting about how she snubbed the Oscars when Anne Hathaway showed up looking like her, It was meant to be funny satire when people compared her to Anne Hathaway,  but it ended up going viral ,got picked up in media, spun her into social media videos on vine that got over 75 million views and landed her back to back leading roles in films. olgasafarisnubsoscars Actress Olga Safari ( top picture)  launched her movie career on social media when a post about her being compared to Anne Hathaway went viral.

Comedian Nicole  Arbour also took off on social Media, the highly controversial youtube star authored videos like “ Dear Donald  Trump” and “Dear Fat People” and landed her in the hot seat  on the talk show The View when she had to give a good answer for her comedy antics. She walked away from the View unscathed  and then Hollywood started to take notice of this friendly and talented comedian. She  was on the red carpet at  A list Oscars viewing party-Night of 100 Stars .   Maybe a few there kept wondering who she was, but  Nicole can trend daily with over 250,000 new views a day on social media, and get more fired up conversations than a hot New York Daily news article about Trump . Better watch out,  even the celebrity events these trendsetters attend can steal the show  and make more noise online than the media players interviewing her. olgasafarinicolearbour Actresses Nicole Arbour and Olga Safari ( wearing Skekhar Rahate) at Night of 100 Stars Oscars Viewing Party.

These two talented actresses illustrate a growing trend in Hollywood as producers and film executives are looking for ways to guarantee an audience for their movies.   Actress Olga Safari just landed another movie role after a  young hot director guessed that she had more social media views than the entire Oscars screening party had articles viewed and readership published around the world. Talk about social media clout. You never know who you are standing next to these days and you never know how much clout they have to generate conversations around the world. Actresses like Olga Safari might have more say in creating conversations online than the very media interviewing them. The trend was not just limited to Oscar week celebrity  gifting suites where swag bags and luxury gifts or given away be sponsors wanting to connector to influential people.   The trend is now that Social media  stars are honored with their own social media meet  ups as they did in a top secret flash mob location that was not announced on purpose by the producers until just hours before the event at the downtown location of Penthouse Studios . Sponsors like Ozeaderma, Shekhar Rahate ( Shekhar is one of the Oscars most well known designers to the stars, opted to attend the social media lounge this year where his fashion statement could set trends with top social media influencers there) , Rose Passion, Makko Jewelry, MightyVR, Destination Luxury, Luxury Village Group, The Lotus Games, :Prime Motivation, International All Stars, Swig Media  Deuce Brand watches, Dreamwave Power All,,Wazup Graphics,MJ Kriss FM handed out swag to social media stars invited by Momentum Media Group,  hoping to boost their appeal to young millennial audiences.

Social Media Vine Star Aaron Doh has over 1 billion views online

Social Media Vine Star Aaron Doh has over 1 billion views/loops online.

Social media Vine Star Aaron Doh (whose clout is over 1 billion views his loops generated on social media community Vine) poses with Deuce Brand Watch won at Lotus Games Social Media hosted gifting suite.  Aaron won ” a hole in one” in the Lotus Games hosted gifting experience that combined fun golfing indoors for trendy millennials. 12321648_1027131847330482_2720320755136710926_n

Actress Olga Safari wearing celebrity Designer Shekhar Rehate is also international spokeperson for Ozeaderma Skin Care a brand that got on the trending marketing plan with insertions into Olga’s  social media at the Star Studded event and Oscars week gifting suites hosted with social media stars.

Social Media Stars to  connect in April, 2016 Coachella Music Festival VIP Experience hosted by The Lotus Games:

Social media  stars ,celebrities and invited are off again to connect at another popular young Hollywood event ; Coachella 2016.  Sponsors like Ozeaderma, Rose Passion, Makko Jewelry, Shekhar Haute,  MightyVR, Destination Luxury, Luxury Village Group, The Lotus Games, :Prime Motivation, International All Stars, Swig Media   Deuce Brand watches, Dreamwave Power All,,Wazup Graphics,MJ Kriss FM have been invited back to hand out swag to social media stars invited by Momentum Media Group, while  hoping to boost their appeal to young millennial audiences who will return at Coachella.  The Lotus Games ( a stunning line up of female athletes with supermodel looks) hosted event series takes place   this year April 15th to 17th  at another secret location and boasts it will mix up their brands into the most powerful media form now dwarfing traditional media.The buzz created collectively by social media stars and their fan bases can dwarf media giants as we know it and savvy brands are connecting to the new media story unfolding.

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